Retevis RA25 Emisoras de Radioaficionado, Monitor Dual Banda Dual, 5W/20W, 500 Canales, Radio FM, 5 Tonos/2 Tonos/DTMF, Interfaz de Cargador de Coche Profesional Mini Emisora Coche : : Electrónica

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RA25 20W GMRS Mobile Radio

Retevis RA25 Dual Band Mobile Radio, Long Range Mini Mobile Car Transceiver, 500 Channels DTMF LCD Display, 2m 70cm Mobile Two Way Radio Mobile Car Radio for Vehicle Truck Traveling(1 Pack)

Long Range Walkie Talkie Radio Walkie Talkie Long Range 20w - Ra25 Ham Mobile Radio - Aliexpress

Retevis RA25 GMRS Mobile Radio, 20W Long Range GMRS Radio Mobile Transceiver, 8 Repeater Channel Base Station, Emergency Alarm FM Radio, Mobile Two Way Radio for Farm Overlanding : Electronics

Retevis RA25 GMRS - Radio móvil LCD con micrófono para Farm Combine (1 paquete) y batería recargable RB26 de 2000 mAh de largo alcance Walkie Talkie de mano (paquete de 5)

RA25 20W GMRS Mobile Radio

RETEVIS Mobile Radios(Mobile two way radios)

GMRS communication combination kit; including a high power car transceiver and a pair of GMRS handheld walkie talkies; use out of the box; designed

Retevis GMRS Radio Communication Solutions,RA25 Mobile Transceiver Radio(1 Pack) with GMRS Handheld Two Way Radio(2 Pack),Easy to Use Long Range

RETEVIS RA25 20W GMRS Mobile Radio 1.44 Inch display 462.5500-467.7250MHz FM

RA25 has a main unit and microphone key lock function, you can lock the keys after the setting is completed, to avoid accidentally touching the table

Retevis RA25 Mobile Transceiver Dual Band Monitor 5W/20W DTMF Mobile Car Radio

RA25 20W GMRS Mobile Radio